Training Videos

Here are some free PLO8 poker training videos. You can also find full length videos on PLO8 at I will add videos periodically. Please email me at if you have any special requests.

To learn more, get the free 57 page free preview here!!!

5 Responses to “Training Videos”

  1. Checkmate36 says:

    Your videos and book are very helpful. Thanks for taking the time.

  2. tripp says:

    Could you make a video on husng’s? or hu in general.

  3. Dan says:

    Hi tripp,

    Yes, I can make a hu sng video. I’ll try to get it done next week.

    I rarely play hu cash, usually only in the PLO/PLO8 mix game on Full Tilt. The rake is a big killer in hu cash. But hu sng’s can be very profitable.


  4. tripp says:

    Looking forward to it. I can’t find an index of the book on your site, is there anything specific on HU play in it?

  5. Dan says:

    Yes, there is a section that discusses learning to hand read by playing heads up SNG’s. There isn’t a section specifically on heads up cash.