PLO8 Games are Still Good

Sunday, February 19, 2012 @ 03:02 AM
posted by Dan

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Since black Friday I haven’t exactly played a ton of poker. I’ve played enough on Merge to stay reasonably sharp, although given the options available to US players right now I play pretty much for recreation. The stakes are too low, there are too few games, and cashouts are too difficult to play to make money. But I still love the game and am glad there are still some opportunities to play.

While there aren’t as many PLO8 games available as their used to be, the good news is the ones that exist are still juicy. I’m working on a series of blog posts on PLO8 strategy that will be coming out soon. While people seemed to enjoy the travel related posts, this is a PLO8 blog afterall and I’m going to start refreshing the content. I may also make some short (~10 min videos). In the meantime here’s an example of how good the games can be right now. The villain in this hand was playing 90% of his hands, so J235ss was probably the top of his range:

Table info:

tattaa ($97.50)
Posts small blind $0.25
jusaplayer ($53.31)
Posts big blind $0.50
BullyPoker77 ($40.17)
Slick10ten10 ($22.24)
MichaelBluth ($51.40)
IrIdEpArKcItY ($32.50)

Preflop: (Pot: $0.75)

MichaelBluth’s cards:
BullyPoker77 calls ($.50)
Slick10ten10 raises to ($2.25)

MichaelBluth calls ($2.25)

IrIdEpArKcItY calls ($2.25)
tattaa folds
jusaplayer folds
BullyPoker77 calls ($1.75)

Flop: (Pot: $9.75)

BullyPoker77 checks
Slick10ten10 bets ($9.75)

MichaelBluth raises to ($39)

IrIdEpArKcItY folds
BullyPoker77 folds
Slick10ten10 calls ($10.24)

Turn: (Pot: $68.74)

River: (Pot: $68.74)


Slick10ten10 shows:

MichaelBluth shows:

MichaelBluth wins the pot of ($47.25 )

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