PLO on Merge

Wednesday, June 1, 2011 @ 04:06 AM
posted by Dan

I finally got around to putting some money on Merge the other week, actually the day before the 2nd wave of domain seizures. Hopefully Merge doesn’t get shut down as well. But I only put on a small amount of money since the probability of something happening to them is so high. The thing that kind of sucks though is that even though I can again, on Merge its really only a recreational thing, I don’t think its possible to make real money. Part of the problem is liquidity in that not many games run. Certainly nothing like back on Stars and Tilt. The other problem is even if you could multi-table at decent stakes, it too risky to keep enough money on the site to do that. But I guess for now its better than nothing.

The cool thing is the games are pretty soft and I’ve been running well. Granted I have a pitifully small sample of hands so the results don’t mean that much. Prior to black Friday I had taken a few weeks off of playing while I was finishing up grad school, so it had actually been about 2 months or so since I played. After the break, and only playing 2 tables, it was amazing how sharp my focus was. My hand reading is so much better when I’m not playing 4 tables of Rush on autopilot. One of the other interesting things is I have hardly been getting check-raised at all. When I’m playing against new players I c-bet and barrel a ton and its really profitable. The problem is after a while they adjust and then its not quite as easy any more. We’ll see how long this keeps up. I haven’t checked out the PLO8 games yet, but I’m going to this week and I’ll report on it in a few days.

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