Omaha High Low Middle Rundown Hands

Saturday, March 3, 2012 @ 05:03 AM
posted by Dan

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Middle rundown hands are ones like 4567 or 5678. In Omaha High Low games they are basically garbage. Once a player gets a little experience with hilo they will figure this out pretty quickly if they didn’t already know before they started. While the concept of these hands being pretty much unplayable is really Omaha 101, it came to my attention recently that a lot of players don’t know this so I thought I would make a quick post to discuss it.

The first reason not to play them in Omaha High Low is that they will basically never make the nuts. There are very few boards that will give you the nut straight. Even when you make the nut straight there will usually be better low hands out there and you will end up with half. As you should now by now the name of the game in Omaha High Low is to scoop, so getting half the pot won’t get you anywhere in the long run.

The second reason is when you manage to make a flush, it is almost never going to be good. If you make a 7 high flush and get a lot of money in the middle, you are going to be praying that the other player has a low and you can get half the pot. Again, even in the best case scenario you will not be making any money. If you manage to make a full house, it usually won’t be the nut full house. So you are pretty much screwed on any board where a flush or full house is possible, and that’s a lot of boards…..

Lastly, you are going to get quartered and free-rolled a ton with these hands. Getting on the wrong side of those situations too often in Omaha High Low will make you a massive loser, and playing middle rundowns is a good way to get there.

I was thinking about detailing out some hand examples, and showing some flop fit equity curves to illustrate by points more quantitatively. But its Friday night and I’m feeling too lazy, but I wanted to write down what was on my mind. Maybe I’ll create a more detailed article for or put out a video on the topic. If you have interest in that (or some other topic)┬ásend me a tweet @campfirewest or an email at

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