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PLO on Merge

Wednesday, June 1, 2011 @ 04:06 AM
posted by Dan

I finally got around to putting some money on Merge the other week, actually the day before the 2nd wave of domain seizures. Hopefully Merge doesn’t get shut down as well. But I only put on a small amount of money since the probability of something happening to them is so high. The thing that kind of sucks though is that even though I can again, on Merge its really only a recreational thing, I don’t think its possible to make real money. Part of the problem is liquidity in that not many games run. Certainly nothing like back on Stars and Tilt. The other problem is even if you could multi-table at decent stakes, it too risky to keep enough money on the site to do that. But I guess for now its better than nothing.

The cool thing is the games are pretty soft and I’ve been running well. Granted I have a pitifully small sample of hands so the results don’t mean that much. Prior to black Friday I had taken a few weeks off of playing while I was finishing up grad school, so it had actually been about 2 months or so since I played. After the break, and only playing 2 tables, it was amazing how sharp my focus was. My hand reading is so much better when I’m not playing 4 tables of Rush on autopilot. One of the other interesting things is I have hardly been getting check-raised at all. When I’m playing against new players I c-bet and barrel a ton and its really profitable. The problem is after a while they adjust and then its not quite as easy any more. We’ll see how long this keeps up. I haven’t checked out the PLO8 games yet, but I’m going to this week and I’ll report on it in a few days.


Rush PLO100 Hand

Sunday, January 23, 2011 @ 06:01 AM
posted by Dan
Online Poker

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This hand came up yesterday, I think its the first time I got 400 bb’s in the middle! This post is partly a brag, but I’m posting mostly because I’m not sure about my play on the flop. Should I be re-potting for value here? I’m fairly comfortable playing up to 200bb’s deep, but at 400 I’m pretty lost. Pretty much any turn card makes a flush or straight possible, and I wasn’t sure how to react to a big bet on the turn. So I decided to pot control. Any advice is appreciated.

Villain was a fish playing 45/6 over a decent sample. Is the decision any different if the villain is a solid reg?

Full Tilt, $0.50/$1 Pot Limit Omaha Cash, 6 Players
Poker Tools by CardRunnersHand Details

BB: $878.45 (878.5 bb)
Hero (UTG): $415.15 (415.2 bb)
MP: $162.40 (162.4 bb)
CO: $40.50 (40.5 bb)
BTN: $100 (100 bb)
SB: $97.30 (97.3 bb)

Preflop: Hero is UTG with A of spades A of diamonds 4 of hearts 9 of diamonds
Hero raises to $2, 4 folds, BB calls $1

Flop: ($4.50) A of clubs 7 of hearts J of hearts (2 players)
BB checks, Hero bets $4.50, BB raises to $10, Hero calls $5.50

Turn: ($24.50) 2 of diamonds (2 players)
BB bets $24.50, Hero raises to $98, BB calls $73.50

River: ($220.50) 2 of hearts (2 players)
BB bets $220.50, Hero raises to $305.15 and is all-in, BB calls $84.65

Results: $830.80 pot ($3 rake)
Final Board: A of clubs 7 of hearts J of hearts 2 of diamonds 2 of hearts
BB mucked 6 of diamonds 2 of clubs A of hearts 9 of hearts and lost (-$415.15 net)
Hero showed A of spades A of diamonds 4 of hearts 9 of diamonds and won $827.80 ($412.65 net)


Working on my PLO game

Tuesday, January 18, 2011 @ 12:01 AM
posted by Dan

I’ve got about 20,000 hands of rush PLO in already this month, which by my standards is huge volume. I don’t have any great results to speak of, but I feel like I’m getting a lot better at the game. Right now I’m up a little in EV, and up some more because of running a little ahead of expectation. But I’m really happy because I think I’m getting a good feel for what’s going on in the games.

Specifically, I’m learning to cbet a pretty balanced range, and then adjust that range based on the opponents. I’m treating unknowns and fish a lot differently than competent regs. I’m also getting a good feel for when to barrel and when to float. I think that has one of the most significant impacts on win rate. In PLO its pretty easy to figure out when its ok to get stacks in, and I’m not sure too many regs are making huge mistakes in that department. So its the marginal spots that determine how well you do.

I’ve definitely still got a long ways to go. I know I’m not 3-betting enough hands, and I’m sure there are still plenty of postflop mistakes. I’m try to keep everyone posted on how things are coming along.

On the PLO8 I’m down a little, which is annoying since that is my best game. I did get some articles written about river in PLO8. They should be out on sometime soon.


Back At It

Monday, January 3, 2011 @ 09:01 PM
posted by Dan

Hope everyone had a good holiday break. After a crazy busy fall school semester, it was nice to get a few weeks off. I took a family trip to North Carolina to visit my sister. Never one to be afraid of road trips I decided to drive. It was over 1500 miles from Colorado to NC, which itself is not a huge deal for me but we have two kids ages 2 and 4. Fortunately they enjoy road trips too and they were able to stay entertained with a lot of DVD’s and toys and coloring. A minivan is not the most baller vehicle in the world, but it made the trip pretty easy. (don’t worry, its my wife’s, I drive a Maxima……) We had a great time in North Carolina. My parents came up from Florida so I was able to get 1 round of golf in with my Dad before the snow came. Golfing with my Dad is one of my favorite things to do, and since we live so far apart its only once or twice a year we get to do it these days.

This fall semester was a lot more work than I expected, and I barely played any poker at all. Over the break it felt good to get back to playing. I mostly stuck to Rush PLO and PLO8 on Full Tilt. I like it because you can get a ton of hands in, but its also easy to stop and take breaks. The other thing I’ve been doing a lot is stopping after a hand where I had a big decision I was a little unsure about and running it through ProPokerTools. At lot of times while I’m playing I plan to go back and look at certain hands, but then end up not doing it. With Rush being able to stop, analyze, and then restart makes for a really effective feedback loop that has helped me improve over the last couple of weeks. The only downside is you can only play 50PLO8 and 100PLO. I’m jealous that Hold’em players can play up to 2/4 on Rush. I think my postflop play has improved a lot over the past couple weeks. The only thing is I’ve adjusted to the tighter/stronger ranges people have when playing Rush, so when I’ll need to readjust some when I go back to normal tables. While in NC I was playing on my laptop. Here are the results from my desktop since I got back from my trip.

I’m going to play a lot more this year and plan on posting results more often. Over the last year school and side projects (not to mention family) have taken away most of the time I used to dedicate to playing. This spring I’ve got the final semester of my MBA, which should be less work than the others. I’ve been thinking that every semester and always been wrong, but this time I think I’m due. I’ve also completed some side projects, and am going to try to avoid taking any new ones on for a while. I am going to be playing more PLO8 besides rush and am going to do a couple of videos for Cardrunners this month. I don’t have anything on the official schedule right now, but I figure its best to make some while I’m playing a lot and have the time to do it. I don’t want to be wrong about my school workload again and find myself too busy in a few months. I’m also working on 2 articles (at least) on river play in PLO8. They’ll be out on later this month. I’m also going to do some on HU play, but that’s going to take a bit longer. In the meantime, I wish everyone good luck with all of their New Year’s goals and resolutions.


Move up to where they respect your raises……

Tuesday, July 13, 2010 @ 05:07 PM
posted by Dan

Obviously the title of this post is a joke. I think I’ve mentioned how I’ve been focusing a lot more on PLO over the last few months. I’ve taken it slow and just recently started playing 200PLO. The good news is I’ve been very comfortable at level and beating it. The bad news is I’ve been getting killed at 100PLO. I usually play 4-6 tables and been playing about half 100 and half 200. I think what I’m doing is paying more attention to the higher limit tables and then end up donking it off at the 100PLO tables. I don’t exactly have a huge sample yet so it could just be the normal gigantic PLO variance. But I think for awhile I’m going to stick to playing at 200PLO and focus on all of the tables instead of just half of them.