The Book: ‘Pot Limit Omaha 8 Revealed Expanded Edition’

Pot Limit Omaha 8 Revealed is a full sized 243 page book. It was written by Dan Deppen, PLO8 specialist and coach at

The book was peer reviewed by several poker players familiar with PLO8 prior to its’ release. While the book was developed it went through several drafts, and continuously improved thanks to the feedback and suggestions of the reviewers. When the manuscript was completed it was professionally edited. Great effort was put into this book to ensure it offers the best value possible to the reader.

This book is intended for poker players already familiar with No-Limit Hold’em (NLHE) and/or Pot-Limit Omaha (PLO), who are looking for a different poker game that is easier to beat and has lower variance than these more popular forms of poker.

The primary focus of this book is 6-max cash games. That’s because 6-max cash is where most of the money can be made playing PLO8. The concepts discussed in this book are all applicable to full ring cash as well; and there is also a chapter on tournament play.

The ebook version of the book comes with a money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied, just let me know and you’ll receive a refund. However, I’m confident you’ll find the book provides you with a lot of value. It’s been over a year since I began offering the guarantee for the first edition of the book, and so far no one has requested a refund.

What’s New in the Expanded Edition?

The first edition of the book was released in June 2009 and contained 190 pages, and was intended primarily for players new to PLO8. The Expanded Edition has 243 pages, and now contains some materials for more advanced players. Although most of the content is still intended for people learning the game. New topics include:

  • Pgs 95-105-     Continuation Bets (modified)
  • Pgs 106-107-     Check Raising Paired Boards
  • Pg 123-     Half Pot sized bet on the River
  • Pgs 138-141-     Fold equity for semibluffs and barreling the turn
  • Pgs 167-172-     WSOP. Cash Rebuy advice.
  • Pgs 173-177-     Rush poker
  • Pgs 230-241-     New Hand Examples (Hands #19 to 22)

To learn more, get the free 57 page free preview here!!!

Purchasing Options:

The book can be purchased in paperback form this website,,,,, and

If you want to begin reading the book immediately It can also be downloaded from this website in ebook form. PayPal is accepted for payment. Payment can also be made via transfers Carbon Poker. Unfortunately I can no longer do Pokerstars transfers because I’m based in the US. Hardcopies can also be ordered using a transfer for payment. If you want to do a transfer email for details.The book is also available wholesale for book stores and websites. Email for more information.

A Russian language version is available

Reviews and feedback:

from 2+2 forums


from What’re The Odds?

from (in Finnish)


The book may be $30 but even at micro limits such as .10/.25, the firs”t time you stack someone with the help of the information in this book, it’s paid for itself.”- S. How

“Was a big fan of the hand histories and the critiques of them. The book hammers specific points repeatedly, such as position and pot equity. Most of the book is geared at ring games with 6 max, not 10. Still, as a player who plays a 10 handed table normally, there’s tons of valuable information and the book should easily pay for itself.”- Chad D.

“If you are interested in learning PLO8, or if you already play a bit sometimes to get a break from NLHE/PLO, Pot Limit Omaha8 Revealed will certainly give you the means to achieve a solid winning style and exploit the weak opposition you’ll often find in these games.”- Sean

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the price of the ebook the same as the price of the paperback?– Yes, both are $29.95. There is also a combo available for $49.95, shipping is additional. Shipping cost is a flat $5 for locations inside the continental US, and $10 elsewhere.

What is the difference between the ebook and paperback formats?– The content of the book is identical for both. Some people prefer having a traditional paperback book. Others prefer the e-book because they can keep it on their computer, and can download it and begin reading right away without having to wait for shipping.

What if I have a question or comment for the author, either before or after purchasing the book? – Just send me an email at contact I enjoy getting feedback and am happy to answer questions, my response times are usually pretty fast.

Can I pay for the book by doing a transfer from an online poker site?– Yes, you can order the ebook or hardcopy using a transfer on Carbon Poker. Email for instructions.

Can I print  the book? – Yes, there are no restrictions on printing the ebook.

Are there plans for a third edition of the book?– No, I’m pretty tired after completing the second edition. If there ever is one it will be a while before it comes out.

Why shouldn’t I just read Super System or High-Low Split Poker or any of the other Omaha 8 books out there?– Because those are intended for limit Omaha 8, and pot limit Omaha 8 is a completely different game than limit. Applying limit concepts to PLO8 can get you into a lot of trouble. There is at least one book with a section on PLO8. But PLO8 Revealed Expanded Edition is the only full book on PLO8.

Will there be a book on NLO8?– Maybe. If there is it will be a long time before it is complete. So don’t hold your breath waiting for it……

Does the information in the book apply to NLO8?– Generally speaking the answer is no. Some of the basic concepts in the book do apply to NLO8. But NLO8 is a much different game than PLO8, and in my opinion should be played much differently.

How long have you been playing PLO8?– I’ve been playing PLO8 since 2006, prior to that I primarily played hold’em like everyone else.

Can I get some sample material from the book to preview before I buy it?– Yes, just fill out the form above and I’ll email you a 57 page preview version.

What steps did you take to make sure you produced a high quality book?– As the manuscript for the book developed, it was peer reviewed at various stages by several competent and winning PLO8 players. I received a lot of great feedback which was incorporated into the book. It was also professionally edited, by someone that had experience editing several other poker books.

Can I find this book in any brick and mortar bookstores?– Yes, you can find it in the Gambler’s Book Shop in Las Vegas and the High Stakes Gambling Bookshop in London.

What do other people who have already read the book think of it?– I’ve received a lot of positive feedback in emails, I’m going to update this site soon with a list of comments. For now you can read this thread on 2+2 to see what people are saying. There is alsothis review on

Has the book been translated into any other languages?– Yes. There is Russian translation of the ebook available from Dmitriy “Tomas N” Voronov has exclusive rights to translate and distribute the book in Russian. To contact him email

Where else can I find quality info on PLO8? I recommend going to www.o8poker,com. This website was created by Gergery, and has some of the best information available on the game.

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