Asia Trip Report- Part 3 Shanghai

Monday, February 6, 2012 @ 04:02 AM
posted by Dan

Shanghai was the last stop on my almost 2 week trip. I was still pretty pumped up at this point and wasn’t tired from all of the travel.

Any fear I may have had of food with the head on it was long gone by this point.

This was “black chicken”. It was supposed to be a delicacy, but I ended up not trying it. The reason wasn’t because it was gross, but someone ordered it at the end of the meal and I was already stuffed. I still don’t understand why anyone would want the beaks and feet left on their food.

I’m not exactly a big fan of Chairman Mao, but I wanted to get my picture taken in front of his statue at the Bund.

One the more interesting experiences was eating at a Thai restaurant in Shanghai that had a teddy bear theme, and ┬áthe option to “Build a Bear”. Teddy Bear Thai is a pretty bizarre restaurant concept, but the food was delicious.

An alley where you can reach up and grab the power lines if you want to:

I stayed at the Intercontinental, which was amazing. It was the equivalent of about 120 USD per night, and the quality was on par with a 6 star hotel I stayed at once in Aspen.

The only downside to the trip was trying to get the hell out of the Shanghai airport. Our flight got canceled and I ended up having to stay another night. Long story short the experience in the airport was very frustrating, and I ended up spending 3 hours in line to get another flight. Then the next morning when I came back it turned out I didn’t really have another flight and I spend about another 4 hours in lines until I could get out. If you thought United was bad in the US, you should try United in China……

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