Asia Trip Report Part 1

Monday, December 19, 2011 @ 02:12 AM
posted by Dan

This report is a little overdue, I actually took this trip in October. But I guess late is better than never….. I got to travel to Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong and Shanghai for work. Altogether it was almost a 2 week trip. I had never been to Asia before so I was obviously pretty excited about it. This first part is just going to cover Singapore.


Getting to Singapore is a pretty long trip. First I had to go from Denver to San Francisco which isn’t too bad. The next leg from to Hong Kong, which was a 14 hour flight. When I booked the trip I had window seats the whole way. As I was boarding I realized they had stuck me in a middle seat. The realization that I was going to spend 14 hours in a coach middle seat on a full flight was a pretty big soul crush. It turns out my company’s travel software lets you pick seats, but that info never registers with the airline. That’s pretty retarded, but I guess I know for next time. Fortunately I was seated to 2 small people and I had a neck pillow so it wasn’t a big deal. After a short layover it took another couple hour flight to make it the rest of the way to Singapore. I think the total travel from my house to the hotel was over 24 hours. Yikes!

One of the advantages of corporate travel is they tend to put you up in nice places. I stayed in the Pan Pacific. Someone I didn’t know about Asia is they like to have the shower visible from the bed. This came in handy because I could watch the World Series at 9am while in the shower. But I’m pretty sure that isn’t the intended purpose of the open shower. I guess you can lay in bed while watching your woman wash her mysterious lady parts. That’s seems kind of weird, but whatever turns people on I guess……

One of the great things about this trip was in every city we met up with a local person from the company. They all wanted to take us to their favorite local places to eat, so we were able to get well out of the business and tourist areas. Singapore is known for its food and I got the chance to try their pepper crab and chili crab:

The only problem for me is I’ve had stomach problems since I was a teenager, so if I eat anything remotely spicy I can have issues. I enjoyed the meal but I woke up that nice with some pretty vicious heartburn.

I’m not going to go into detail about the business meetings, but I learned a lot and met some interesting people. There wasn’t really any time to do touristy stuff, although we did take a stroll through China town and another part of the city. Next time I go back I hope to get a chance to stop at some of the museums. I’m a huge history buff and would have loved to check out some of the WWII exhibits. I did walk past this memorial, but that was about it:

On the next post I’ll talk about Hong Kong.

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